Navigational knowledge and proficiency is important in order to be a safe, effective, efficient paddler, paddlecraft leader, and paddlecraft instructor. The purpose of this skills course document is to develop venue-appropriate navigational knowledge and skills.

During this class, participants will plan a short day trip as a group and have an opportunity to share navigation responsibilities on the trip.

Areas of focus include:

  • Learn to effectively read a navigational chart
  • Identify direction, buoys, day marks, lights, channels, and other significant features and their importance
  • Measure distance and depth from the chart
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of tides and current and their importance to paddlers
  • Understand and learn to file a float plan
  • Using a VHF radio for information and emergency calling
  • Recognizing risk of collision using bow angle and movement with respect to land
  • Maintain approximate estimate of position through use of piloting and handrailing

Cost: $79

Venue: Traverse City, MI

Date: May 6, 2023