I’ve had a few requests recently to show exercises that can be done using a resistance band. 

For those who aren’t familiar with resistance bands, they’re pieces of rubber tubing with handles on each end.  You can find them in different thicknesses which will create diffrent levels of tension.  Resistance bands are an excellent tool because they provide progressive resistance.  The more you stretch them, the greater the tension placed on your body.  Combine that with their portability and you’e got one of the best pieces of exercise equipment available.

This is the first in a series of videos using resistance bands.  Today’s exercise is a band resisted row sequence where you’ll be working on the muscles of the back that are responsible for pulling something closer to your body, like a paddle.  In this video, I show you three different variations: standard row, high row, and low row.  Each row emphasizes different muscles, but don’t worry too much about which muscles are beng targeted.    As a paddler, you need muscles to work together as a team rather than focusing on isolating the function of specific muscles.  Perform each type of row individually or combine them together (one high row, one standard row, one low row, repeat).



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  1. John

    Last night on this site under resistance band exercises, I saw several exercises that you had demonstrated using resistance bands, are they avalible now or are you putting together a video that incorporates resistance bands. By the way I have your book and I incorporating resistance band training in my exercise routine.


    1. Rick:

      Thanks for your message. I’m glad that you found the video helpful. Thanks for picking up the book too!

      I have a few videos on this site and linked in the Power to the Paddle Resources page that you’ll find in the book’s appendix. I have been thinking of creating a companion video to go along with the book to demonstrate the exercises even more than the photos in the book.

      Keep your eye on the site and that might be coming along soon.



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