Man, my feet are tired!

I’ve had many people tell me that their feet fall asleep when they’re kayaking.  For many people, the cause of this isn’t actually at the feet, but it’s a result of tight hamstrings and glutes.

If the hamstrings and glutes are overly stressed or inflamed, additional pressure is placed on the nerves causing pins and needles in your feet.   One of the most effective ways to release tension on the glutes and hamstrings is through use of a foam roller.

Watch the view below where I show you how a few ways to use the foam roller to help restore your body to it’s optimal level of function.


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  1. I watched your Canoecopia video then got your book. I think this is going to help me tremendously! I’m turning into the tinman, which is ruining kayaking and other things. I wanted to give you a tip – if you backpack and need lightweight MFR tools, there is a guy on Garage Grown Gear selling lacrosse ball sized cork balls which weigh nothing. Using one under your hamstring while sitting on a hard surface can also help with knots. And you can lift and lower your lower leg to intensify it. Thanks for putting this together! I think you were in a class with my son Alex Riley BTW.

    1. Hi Kay. Thanks for the comment and tip on Garage Grown Gear. I’ll check it out.

      Alex was in my first ACA certification class.

      See you on the water!


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